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16 12h 03m devnull / Version 0.4 with working export feature.
Now Bugfixing starts
15 26d 23h devnull / Photo import with JPEG/Base64  
14 33d 21h devnull / Version 0.3 including PHOTO base64 encoding into vcard.
Photo Encoding parameter missing
13 40d 03h devnull / make it executeable  
12 40d 03h devnull / Version 0.2

Exporting to filesystem and VCF files possible
11 40d 04h devnull / DEBUG working
problems with NullValues in Addresses fixed
version introduced
10 41d 21h devnull / Kommandozeilenargumente
- Datenbankdatei ├╝bergeben ├╝ber Kommandozeile
- debug funktion
- debug schalter
9 41d 23h devnull / Fixed SQL Statement errors.
Functions working now.
8 43d 22h devnull / Adressdaten  
7 44d 10h devnull / Organizational Parameters

working now
3 48d 09h devnull / Nach dem letzten commit, war das Repo leer, jetzt also neu.