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18 792d 02h devnull / changed versioning  
17 792d 03h devnull / new way for versioninformation ...
not cool yet, simply an svn Id on
We definitly need a version handling and something for file wide configuration, so that every file can contain such things
11 861d 03h devnull / modified error handling  
9 903d 18h devnull / created a page for recordings / file listings  
8 930d 17h devnull / version 0.3 input
new style of configuration values
home extended
new side menu entries
new pictures
7 946d 07h devnull / working configiration section, including read and save of dynamic values. Default values come from code.

new index page template including a statuspage showing up information of the system -> code extension
needed, to recognize status of devices and mainboard and filesystem status
6 948d 15h devnull / added pictures, data, new main template page  
5 953d 00h devnull / - introducing pure.css
- new base.html template beautyfied
- new images
- cool stuff working now
3 967d 02h devnull / bluetooth code extended to connect method  
2 973d 17h devnull /templates/  
1 973d 19h devnull / first checkin of Code